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My Family

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My Motto

Photographing animals

is my passion

Here are a few of my photos

geoffroys cat
                                        tom nanny

My History

I was raised in Champaign, Illinois (faculty brat - University of Illinois). In 1975, I married a wonderful man, Ron Spohrer - we divorced after three years, but remained friends and kept in contact until his untimely death on October 19th, 2011.  In 1979 I came to Stanford with a wonderful man, Chris Bowen - we split up after 5 years and he went off to Greece where he teaches math.  Then, after living together for 5 years, I married Dan in 1988.  He divorced me "midlife" in December, 2001.  I'm beginning to think it's easier to have a relationship with my cats (though they lack one important ability...).

In 1982, I received my B.A. in French, then worked at the Stanford Law Library for 20 years.  I now live nearby in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  I enjoy gardening (you can see mine below in My Gardens), I like to listen to books on tape (mysteries), and watch old films especially ones from the 40's and 50's (Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Bogart, Thin Man movies, . . .) and even occasionally newer ones if anyone bothers to write good dialog (When Harry Met Sally) or plot (Harry Potter).  My current passion is animal photography.  You can see some in the column to the left and many more below in My Animal Photos. 

My Family

Here are some photos of my family over the years. 
You can tell we're Cattell's, we're swell!
 ; - )

I've compiled a memorial to my Father, who passed away on February 2, 1998, here.

I've posted the Cattell coat of arms (from 3 different sources) in Word format here.

I had posted a family tree here, but because of people's concerns about privacy I've removed it - sorry!   Email me if you have questions about it.

My Animal Photos

Also see my deer/otter photos at:

Alpacas:  Alpacas and other animals at Filoli's 2010 Spring Fling

Big Cats:   Big Cats with Bad Manners!


California Sea Otters:



Cavies/Guinea Pigs:
  Cavy Show - June 2011



(and goat-kids, llamas, chickens, and a turkey):


Lizards:  Fence Lizards/Blue Bellies

Llamas at the Harley Farms Goat Dairy

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My Cats

Photos of My Current Cat - Mrs. Emma Peel

Photos of My Past Cats
- Here are some photos of my cats Ramses and Nefret. 

Art Depicting My Cats -
Here are some of my friends' drawings/paintings of my cats.

Links -
These are a few of my favorite cat videos:

My Gardens

Photos of My Gardens

I've put some photos of my English-cottage-style garden from 1996 here.

Here is my current garden on a hilltop overlooking a redwood forest.

My Favorite Local Garden, Filoli

Filoli is a beautiful old estate with extensive gardens that is open to the public for a fee.  My favorite season there is tulip season.

In March, 2010 they had a "Spring Fling" at Filoli with fun and games for the children and some sweet animals.

Here are my photos of the agility trained dogs at the 2011 Spring Fling

Here are my photos of the agility trained dogs at the 2013 Spring Fling 

For more info about Filoli, see their site at:

Landscaping -
Here are some of my landscaping ideas.

Birding Sites

You can see some of my bird photography in the My Animal Photos section above.

*I'm published ! *   The local Audubon Society published an article I wrote in their March/2002 issue,  "Birding with Bad Eyesight".

Audubon and Cornell have nice field guides for birds.   

If you want to go birding in the Bay Area, many local birding and hiking events are listed on this birding events.

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My Motto

There is no accounting for taste
- taste is subjective.

Or as Ricky Nelson said:
"You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself."

My father's variation on this was:
"To all of us there come days when the earth is stale, flat and tedious . . . at that extremity of misanthropy some men start a revolution and others take to drink; but for my part I go to sea. Every man to his own recreation."

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