Alpacas and Horses and Dogs at

Filoli’s Spring Fling

March, 2010


In addition to their usual beautiful tulip display, at Filoli's Spring Fling they had lots of interesting animals.

There were small horses


Like these rare Heart-Rumped Ponies  
; - )

And very large draft horses with fluffy feet

What I wanna know is, who combs and blow-dries the hooves?

The guide dogs in training were adorable!

Notice how the pretty girl and the dog
are making the same face at me.

Clearly they want some kibble...



And here's one slightly-shy guide *puppy* in training

Notice they use “kindness collars”, which pull gently on the nose

instead of pulling on the *neck* like a normal collar.

Over on the lawn there was an obstacle course for the agility-trained dogs

They love the agility races

Between the agility races, they would play


or wait patiently

or try to train their humans to walk on a leash


But they clearly *love* playing the agility-race game





There were also Alpacas at Filoli’s Spring Fling


With cute hair-cuts



Alpacas and Llamas are both Camelids from South America.

They have a similar appearance except that Alpacas are about half the size of Llamas

Alpacas are used for their soft fur.

Llamas are large and are used as pack animals or
to protect smaller animals like goats (from coyotes) as this one does in Pescadero, California


Alpacas have short straight ears

Llamas have long curvy banana-shaped ears

They let us hand-feed this Alpaca

(I don’t think you’d wanna do this with a Llama)

Not with those teeth 



This Alpaca was the sort of clown who liked to make funny faces at the tourists:

What fluffy lips !


I wanna kiss!


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